Cass Marie


bzzzz (bees)

Cassandra Marie

{I think we can all agree that we don't like bee's and especially getting stung by one. }

Unfortunately, in todays society, bees are starting to be extinct. You may think that bees are mean and just want to hurt you, but you don't see behind the scenes on how they actually help us in our life style. A single bee can pollinate 300 million flowers each day, you may think how does that help us? Well, by the bees pollinating the flowers the wind can move that pollen and could end up in a field of fruits and vegetables which helps our food grow. Bees also help us a lot with our environment like flowers, trees, etc. You may think that these small insects can't really do much but they actually do, and thats why we need to take care of them. 

If you would like to help save these bees click here