Cass Marie



Cassandra Marie

Rollin up on a Wednesday...

It was finally Wednesday, the day where I would be surrounded by the most beautiful cars...and also getting that old school feel environment. From the moment I got out of the car, I could hear the music I love (R&B) and also see lowriders drive past me. Since the street was straight, one lane each way, everybody parked their cars in the median so people can see the cars and walk around. While walking through I had seen so many impalas, which I loved. In my opinion, I think Impalas are the most beautiful cars. I love how they look and drive. I think it's fascinating to see what type of work you can do on a car like that and also, in the end, getting attention from it too. Going back to the event, I saw these group of girls all dressed up and taking pictures near a car, it didn't click with me until my mom told me they were a girl car club. By hearing this I thought that was really cool because it shows that there are not only boy car clubs but there is also girl car clubs. Overall, I had such a good time by going to this event and would recommend going to one, and maybe you'll spot me one day.

Oh, by the way, check out my friends @ Cruizin Lowrider Galeria & Barrio Dogg                                          (My favorite is the Vaquero Dogg)