Cass Marie


What a game!

Cassandra Marie

After our break, we will then get to talk to our former football player, Darren Carrington. 

C: So Darren, how were you introduced to football?

Darren: well, it all started off at a young age. I was eight years old and had dreamed to be on T.V, I even told my mom that one day she would see me on there. But my cousin was the one who introduced me to football.

C: Well hearing that you were introduced at a young age, how many years did u play football?

Darren: For about 20 years!

C: Wow, I cant even stick to one sport that long (laughs). But besides all of that, did u play football in college?

Darren: yes I did, I attended Northern Arizona to play football there.

C: Thats incredible Darren!

C: So, what teams did u play for?

Darren: I played for five teams witch were the brancos, lions, chargers, jaguars, and the raiders.

C: witch position was your favorite?

Darren: ummm, it would probably be safety.

C: Do you have any champion ship rings, if so how many?

Darren: I have two championship rings.

C: When was your best play?

Darren: One best play I had was when I played for the chargers.

C: Would you get back into playing football?

Darren: I think I would be to old to get back into playing football (laughs) but I wouldn't mind being a coach.

C: After those 20 years of playing football, what are you doing now?

Darren: I am a family pastor, I help people with there marriages.

C: Thats incredible, well thank you for your time to come chat with us.

Darren: anytime C!


Darren Carrington